Productivity is promising

September 26th, 2013

There are several qualitative ways to evaluate our economic environment, whether we are focusing on our community, county, state, country or globe. Some of these key economic factors are unemployment percentages, consumer confidence measurements and the values of market indexes such as the S&P 500. I believe that our economic environment’s progress and growth can also correlate to the amount of productivity that occurs within the environment that is being tested.

Productivity is a measure of efficiency and completion. Productivity stacks up our inputs against our outputs, to see how effective our efforts are in producing utility or satisfaction.

Being productive, or getting the most out of what you put in to something, is a great way to look at many aspects of our lives. Whether we are completing a homework assignment, participating in an activity or assisting someone else, we will be sure get the most out of these situations if we grant our full attention and care towards what we are doing. Things that result from our productivity, when understanding the term from the perspective of how we live our lives, can be great memories, friendships, working relationships and self-actualization.

At a national level, productivity growth raises living standards. It causes more real income, which improves peoples’ ability to purchase goods and services, enjoy leisure, improve housing and education and contribute to social and environmental programs. Productivity growth helps us to meet our obligations and improve our competitiveness and marketability.  Go out and be productive today, and enjoy the opportunities you will create for yourself in the process.


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