iOS 7: Latest Apple upgrade receives mixed reviews

September 26th, 2013

In typical Apple fashion, the newest software upgrade for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad – iOS 7 – has been the talk of town since its release on Sept. 18.

A variety of reactions, both positive and negative, quickly followed the operating system’s debut.

The buzz stems from the drastic change in appearance from iOS 6. This particular update brings with it a distinctly different visual design, among many other changes.

Everything from the lock screen, to the keypad, to the individual applications received a facelift. While the basics are still recognizable, some of the operating system’s functions are far from familiar.

For example, the search bar is now attainable by swiping down, as opposed to the previous manner of swiping to the right or pressing the home button from the main menu screen.

However, the physical appearance of the upgrade is not the only change that iOS 7 produced. Apple also altered the functions of some of the apps themselves. Some updates, such as the addition of wind speed and humidity percentage to the weather app, included details that were not present in iOS 6. Even the music app was refurbished with a free iTunes Radio feature. Smaller additions include a flashlight accessible from the control center.

Many users of Apple products have found the fresh appearance to be aesthetically pleasing, despite the plethora of critical responses. Criticisms have ranged from a dislike of the control center’s gray background to complaints of bugs regarding email notifications.

While some of these grievances can be seemingly justified by their relation to basic app functions, others pertain to rather minute details.

Apple expressed an optimistic outlook on its new operating system.

“To make it even simpler, more useful  and more enjoyable – but still feel instantly familiar” was one of the motivating factors behind the update, according to Apple’s official website.

The Messages app, for example, still uses the green and blue bubbles to identify text messages and iMessages, respectively.

However, it has taken on a design that appears more modern and lighter in color. Some apps have been moved to a different location, such as the calculator, which is now found in the control center.

The operating system update, along with the reactions it has incurred, has even seeped its way into the lives of students at John Carroll University. Sophomore iPhone user Bianca Blois expressed her opinion of the recent changes.

“I like it, but I think it’s going take a little getting used to; I’m so used to the old one, but so far I like it.”

Junior Tim Ficke, who also downloaded the iOS 7 software, is impressed with the new look.

“iOS 7 is a great operating system that increases the abilities of everybody’s iPhone for free,” said Ficke. “While it may take some time to get used to because iOS was virtually unchanged for seven years, I think people are going to end up loving it.”

Strong reactions to the brand new operating system have overshadowed the release of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

Even though it has been available for download for only a short time, iOS 7 has evoked plenty of strong responses. As with any big change, the new operating system has continued to garner as many critical reactions as it did positive ones.

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