Ingenious Index

September 26th, 2013

Scholarship Sites

Money magazine recently published a story on how college students could take advantage of opportunities to “nab more cash for college.” Five of the biggest scholarship sites they listed were, BigFuture by College Board, Cappex, Zinch and Fastweb. In a study by Money magazine’s senior writers, the useful features and flaws of the websites were identified. provides the best possibilities for scholarship matching overall. However, the site also has many “annoying ads and mismatches.”

BigFuture by College Board is a fast and ad-free website that screens out most of the promotional scholarships, according to Money magazine. Something to watch out for is that the site only lists scholarships alphabetically. Due to this limitation, the scholarships can not be sorted by deadline or by relevance.

Cappex has a useful feature of providing information on how competitive the listed awards are, as well as how much effort is required in order to apply for them. The downside of the site is that registering for Cappex prompts a lot of recruiting e-mails from Cappex on colleges’ behalf.

Zinch has a very effective and user-friendly interface, but has very few matches to local or specialized scholarships.

Like Zinch, Fastweb has an interface that is easy to use for users, clearly labeling promotional scholarships. Zinch does have many advertisements, and mainly recommends national scholarships.


Rising Retailers

The Wall Street Journal recently listed the top five fastest growing stores, based on their annual growth in sales percentage.

The fifth fastest growing retailer is Chick-fil-A, Inc., a fast food chain headquartered in College Park, Ga. They had an annual sales growth percentage of 14 percent this past year, with 1,600 locations and $4.6 billion in sales.

The next fastest growing retailer is Whole Foods Market, Inc., a food supermarket chain headquartered in Austin, Texas. They had an annual sales growth percentage of 15.6 percent this past year, with only 355 locations and sales of $11.3 billion.

The third fastest growing store is Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., a merchandise retail store selling goods primarily for the bedroom and bathroom. They had an annual sales growth percentage of 16.1 percent this past year, with 1,434 locations and $10.9 billion in sales.

Coming in second on the list of fastest growing stores is AT&T Inc., a multinational telecommunications corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They had an annual sales growth percentage of 16.8 percent, with 2,300 stores and $127 billion in sales.

Topping the list of rising retailers is Apple Inc., with $156.5 billion in sales, 406 locations and a annual sales growth percentage of 34.6 percent.