Voter Ineptitude

September 25th, 2013

Well here we are yet again, another debate over the legitimacy of Obamacare. If you have read my column before, you would know that I am not a strong supporter. But, if you pay even closer attention, you will also know that I am sick and tired of hearing about its repeal and have respected the fact that it is bound to become law of the land.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of problems that Americans face but cannot successfully solve in the short term. Naturally, we are tired of hearing about all these things. There is another matter that Americans are also tired of hearing about that they can solve, which is the performance and behavior of the United States Congress.

Now, when it comes to problems facing the American people, there is, historically, a solution. After all, we are the people who invented the airplane, persevered through two World Wars, put a man on the moon and brought an end to the Cold War, all within a century. Certainly, Americans could meet a challenge so minor as government misbehavior. But alas, that seems to be too challenging a task to take on.

Many may be wondering just where I am going with this declaration. After all, one might just argue that everything Congress does is their own actions and that they, as the voter, have absolutely no voice. Well, then I must inform all of those ignorant Americans that this is merely a half-truth.

I will state the seemingly obvious, which I will probably have to reiterate: Americans have the right to vote in elections, and therefore, choose their own leaders! The American voter elected these members of Congress whom everyone has a problem with. Not only that, but some were elected again and again. So, even if people were claiming that these lawmakers were not doing their jobs adequately, voters certainly made them feel as if they were.

It should be known that although everyone would like to believe that this Congress is an outlier, there have been other periods in American history that have just been as bad. From about the 1890s and going into the 1910s, Congress was a mess. Not to mention the Civil Rights bills that were stalled for several years in the 1960s. The difference was, Americans voted these people out of office when they screwed up.

Most Americans do not even seem to realize the fact that they are the ones who put these people into office. It almost seems as if Americans treat election day like a lottery where they just punch a few buttons and then see whether they picked the winning selection.

If this is the way Americans want to approach the handling of our country, that is fine with me. But I do not want to ever hear then that the government and politics of this country are the only reasons for its negative aspects. You selected these leaders, my fellow Americans! All because you were too ignorant to know where these people stood before you voted for them.

Hopefully, come future elections, Americans will once again be able to sort out the right from the wrong.