Save the environment, share a car

September 12th, 2013

John Carroll University is continuing their mission of being “green” and working towards more sustainable programs.

One such initiative is the new car rental service on campus, CarShare. The idea for a car rental service was placed on the fast track over this past summer and is now ready to roll for new students.

The project was orchestrated by both Enterprise and National Car Rental Services in conjunction with the sustainability committee of JCU. Andrew Fronczek, executive director of purchasing and auxiliary services, was instrumental in spurring the program’s progress. As a member of the sustainability committee, Fronczek worked on gathering data over the past years to gauge student interest.

Based on the polling information and statistics from the last four years, interest in a car rental service has been increasing steadily. During the most recent polling conducted during the 2012-13 school year, interest increased dramatically, bringing about the implementation of this new program.

Fronczek shared his earnest excitement about the new program and its ability to help students who would otherwise have limited transportation options.

Junior Nick Bartoszewicz said he is excited about the program, as he does not have his own car on campus.

“Without this program, I wouldn’t be able to explore Cleveland with my friends on the weekend,” said Bartoszewicz

Without such a car rental program, most students might find themselves otherwise confined.

Students interested in reserving a car from the CarShare need to look no further than

On JCU’s website, there is a link to signing up for CarShare as well as information regarding the cars’ immediate and up-to-date availability. Information about insurance and eligibility are readily available on the website as well. The program features two Toyota Corollas that are available for use throughout the week and overnight.

At under $10 per hour on any given day of the week, the car service presents itself as an economical and college-friendly alternative.