Qualities of quality

September 12th, 2013

With the beginning of a new semester, there is plenty of uncertainty and opportunity. For all the freshmen readers who are now diving into your first issue of The Carroll News, I invite you to take on the beginning of your college tenure with loads of ambition and an open mind. There are numerous resources, organizations, activities and support systems here at John Carroll University that will enable you to endure memorable experiences and meet exceptional individuals.

However, it can become fairly easy to find yourself overwhelmed and spread too thin from over-committing. It is my pleasure to pass on some tips I have learned along the way these past three years at JCU that may assist you in obtaining a rewarding balance in your academic and professional careers.

First, be sure to have good control on how you are managing your time. It is proven in business, and in any arena, that making the most of your time is a key to quality and goal achievement. Some suggestions on how to effectively manage time are to create an agenda for yourself each day that you believe you can realistically abide by.

Second, aim for consistency in  everything that you do. One of my influential mentors has taught me that consistency breeds quality. If you are consistent, you will limit your exposure to performing below your full potential.

Lastly, be engaged in daily activities and in conversations with others. I can assure you that an effort to be engaged can go a long way and will allow you to have more memorable and interesting experiences.