Extreme Makeover: Carroll edition

September 12th, 2013

While students busied themselves with internships and vacations over the summer, John Carroll University completed multiple construction projects on campus. Perhaps the most notable construction project is the improvements on the Belvoir Lot entrance to the D.J. Lombardo Student Center.

Carol Dietz, associate vice president of facilities, says that the improvements to the entrance included new carpets, new lighting and ceiling construction.

The new doors are one of the most noticeable differences to the entrance, especially since this entrance was under repair for much of the 2013 spring semester.

Hamlin Quad was inaccessible for most of the summer and Dietz explained that it underwent grading and “was re-worked to improve drainage and prevent ponding on the field.”

The ground is now all-natural grass turf and was reformatted in order to help Hamlin Quad serve its main purpose as a sports field, according to Dietz.

Dietz also mentioned the construction and improvements to some of the residence halls, most notably Sutowski Hall, which received a fresh look for the Fall 2013 semester. As dorm rooms and common areas were repainted, new carpets and furniture were ordered and there were improvements to light fixtures and ceiling tiles.

Lisa Brown, director of Residence Life said that Millor Hall received similar treatment last year.

Hamlin Hall’s entrance was replaced to address foundation drainage and waterproofing issues along the front of the building and in the basement lounge, according to Dietz. She said it is very likely that Campion Hall will see similar construction next summer.

Smaller projects included the incorporation of individual temperature control and masonry repair in Millor Hall, fire alarm device replacements in Campion Hall and improvements of the Administration Building’s roof.

The advanced physics teaching labs in the Dolan Center for Science and Technology also saw major renovations, according to Dietz.

Additionally, some of the campus sidewalks underwent construction for concrete repair, the most notable being the patch of sidewalk between St. Francis Chapel and the entrance to the Schott Dining Hall, which was completely replaced.

Although summer is over, the construction on the Boler School of Business has yet to be completed. The scaffolding on the side of Boler is providing access for the slate roofing contractor who is performing repairs. A small patch of Boler’s roof will also be replaced in late September or early October.

“The roof replacement project was delayed until the fall because the air-conditioning refrigerant lines will need to be disconnected while the work is being completed,” Dietz said.

Some projects are ongoing and the facilities department has more planned for this year. Besides being involved with the Murphy Hall project, facilities hopes to replace the Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as Dolan Hall’s boiler, while also providing updated furniture to the library and classrooms on campus.

“Regardless of the scope of the project, it’s always exciting when projects are completed in order to enhance the student experience and improve the residence halls,” Brown said.

Dietz explained that the reception from the JCU community has been very favorable.

“Everyone recognizes that we have a beautiful campus and everyone appreciates the efforts required to keep the campus in such good condition,” she said.