Your guide to college chic on a budget

September 12th, 2013

Decorating your dorm room, apartment or house on a budget is a great way to bond with your roommate(s) and to create a stylish, comfortable space that will be a major hang out spot for you and your friends. Most college students do not have a lot of extra money to spare, so, you may have a strict budget. Here are some tips on how to get a lot of style for a little cash.


Tip #1: 

Artwork Picture Frames

One way to fill up wall space is with cheap artwork from Home Goods or TJ Maxx. Another way is to take a photo, and have a picture made into an print from Walgreens or Staples and put it in a cheap, oversized frame.


Tip #2: 


Adding curtains or a rug to any room makes it seem larger and adds color. Replace generic curtains in dorms with curtains that have a bold pattern to make it a focal point of the room.


Tip #3: 

The Bed

The bed is a major focal point in any bedroom because it is usually the largest object in the room. Mix and match bedding from different stores, and look through stores like Home Goods for cute accent pillows and a throw blanket.


Tip #4: 


Need a place to store all of your accessories, cleaning supplies or beauty products? Elevate your bed for more storage room, and use stackable bins and drawers whenever there is an empty space.


Tip #5: 

Be Crafty

Make things yourself! Crafting is a great way to save money and express yourself. If you need inspiration, look on Pinterest for simple and cheap ideas to get started.


Tip #6: 


Just remember: less is more! When small spaces are crammed with junk, it makes a room look even smaller. Simplify your possessions and take advantage of living simply.