Zero degrees of separation

May 2nd, 2013

John Carroll University recently announced that beginning next year, it will be offering the Pre-MBA Scholars program to high school seniors. The program will grant dual admission to the University’s undergraduate and Fifth Year Master of Business Administration programs at the beginning of a student’s undergraduate career.

Scholars will be allowed to pursue the degree of their choice, and then spend their fifth year at the University studying in the Boler School of Business. The idea was modeled after other programs offered to students pursuing law school, medical school, nursing school and similar professional areas. JCU administrators also hope that it will attract more prospective students to the University.

The program offers many benefits to high school seniors looking to enroll, including a special faculty advisor to keep them on track for their undergraduate degrees, career development sessions and internship opportunities. Also, it provides positive motivation to high school students and encourages the furthering of education.

JCU administrators should look into developing similar programs for students pursuing Master’s degrees in areas besides business. For example, students should also be given the opportunity to complete their fifth year in the College of Arts and Sciences as well.