Successful semester

May 2nd, 2013

The spring semester is finally coming to a close. The energy on campus is radiating of good spirits and celebration as summer days and nights are within an arm’s reach.

All of the experiences and memories that were made this semester have had an impact on each of us in numerous ways. In the midst of your fulfillment and closure on a semester, I would like to propose a challenge.

Reflect on your most memorable moments this semester. These memories can relate to struggles you had in the classroom, goals that you strived for in an athletic arena, participation you had in a student activity or organization, or even social expectations that you set for yourself.

Now that I have hopefully inspired a train of thought for you to ride, collect your memories, and put yourself back in those moments.

What did these experiences push you to do or change in your daily life? Did you sacrifice some of your time that you would usually spend doing other activities to take on different responsibilities? Finally, did your original intentions lead you to discover something or someone new in your life?

When you go through the exercise I have described, I hope that you are able to get a clearer picture of the success you have had this semester.

The ambition, or lack of ambition, that we have can originate in free-spirited and spontaneous intentions. However, as you may now notice, our priorities can indirectly cause us to manage our time, make educated decisions, set goals, expose ourselves to new things, persevere and maintain integrity to our commitments. Isn’t it amazing how business principles can be identified?

Even if you did not accomplish the goals or expectations that you set out for, your semester was a success because of the journey that you embarked on, and how you have developed through it.

Our experience here at John Carroll University is truly what we make of it. Congratulations on a semester well done. I look forward to going on a new journey with you this coming fall. Have a fun and enjoyable summer.