Verb Ballet leaps on to campus

May 2nd, 2013

With the end of the school year coming, there seem to be countless things on your “to-do before leaving John Carroll” list. Well, here is another addition that should definitely be placed towards the top of that list: Verb Ballet’s performance at JCU.

Verb Ballet is a contemporary dance company stationed right near JCU in Shaker Heights. The company is headed by Margaret Carlson and looks to not only explore and create new forms of modern dance, but honor and bring older numbers back to life. After being featured in The Plain Dealer and performing at the Cleveland Public Theatre, Verb Ballet is taking Cleveland by storm and is ready to wow the students of JCU with their breathtaking performances.

Verb Ballet plans to perform two pieces here, including a contemporary performance called “Four Last Songs,” choreographed by Richard Dickinson, who has performed with the Ohio Ballet and Boston Ballet, as well as an older piece that audiences love known as “Bolero,” done by Heinz Poll. When asked about the pieces and what makes them unique, public relations director Jen Garlando said, “‘Four Last Songs exemplifies the phases of mourning and loss when one loses someone in their life.”

Accompanied by the poetic genius of Herman Hesse and Joseph Von Eichendorff,  “Four Last Songs” truly is an explosion of art as the music, dance and poems illustrate the intense feeling of loss.

The second piece to take John Carroll’s stage is “Bolero,” which is described by Garlando as “a dance that requires minimal movement that climaxes at the end.” According to  Garlando, “this dance combines cultures throughout the world along with their dance and musical traditions. Everyone loves it.”

When asked about the inspiration of the choreographers, Garlando  explained the personal connection between Richard Dickinson, who, like everyone else, has experienced losses in his life, as well as his connection to Heinz Poll, whom he danced with at the Ohio Ballet. Garlando also pointed out how honored the choreographers and dancers at Verb Ballet are to be featured in The Plain Dealer and the Akron-Beacon Journal.

If you love to dance and want to learn more, professionals at Verb Ballet are offering ballet classes for all levels on evenings during the week.

Each class is $15 and drop-ins are welcome. Go to for more info. Even if you who have two left feet, and do not know the first thing about how to wear a tutu or do a plié, you can still fully enjoy Verb Ballet’s performance and all it has to offer.

Verb Ballet takes pride in featuring something new in each of their shows while catering to every taste. From ballet to ballroom, Verb Ballet brings the excitement of dance, music and emotion and leaves it all on the stage. So, after a long  final week of classes before summer, cross this off your “to-do” list and  take a break to enjoy Verb Ballet’s performance.