Networking is necessary

April 25th, 2013

I come to you this week with a key piece of advice for you to take with you on your journey through college and in your career. Whichever career and lifestyle you may embark on, it will serve you well to consistently network, a technique used daily in the business setting.

In the context that I am using it, networking is the cultivation of relationships. Relationships can be created and nurtured through the exchange of information, stories, past experiences and interests with other individuals.

Developing relationships and expanding your network of connections promptly can be beneficial to you in many ways in the short-term and in the future.

There are many opportunities that go hand-in-hand with establishing a diverse network of friends and colleagues. These opportunities include gaining new learning experiences and building your reputation.

I recommend that you keep an open mind on campus when it comes to getting involved in events and organizations.  These are great ways to expand your network and meet new people.

When developing a relationship with a new individual, be sure to be yourself and present yourself well. One of the best ways to give someone an image of your personality is to relate to them with your past stories and experiences, as well as your future aspirations and goals.

While we spend our years here at JCU learning and developing our interests and experiences, it is very worthwhile to share the transformation with your peers, instructors and professionals in the career path you are interested in.

Starting to network as early as possible will ensure that your growth as an individual and professional can be seen in many different aspects by the people you meet and develop relationships with.

Above all, personal relationships can be enjoyable and a great way to keep you engaged in the activities you participate in.  Make the most of your time, and make networking a necessity.