Student Union passes pasta bar legislation

April 18th, 2013

Student voices are being heard through the work of the Student Union and their recent legislation and discussion with the Committee on Dining Services, which has proposed changes in the way that the student body can use meals swipes and dining dollars.

One of the main pieces of legislation the Student Union has recently been focusing on is the addition of a pasta bar in Schott Dining Hall. Freshman Cole Hassay, senator and chairman of the Committee on Dining Services, was one of the sponsors of this change that is projected to go into effect this fall.

“We meet with Mr. [David] Turska, the director of dining services, every other Thursday for our dining committee meetings. [Dining services] recently took a survey of the whole student body and the biggest concern seemed to be variety in the cafeteria. We decided that if we added a pasta bar to the pizza station, it would help address the students’ needs,” said Hassay.

This new option would provide more diversity in dining options by alternating every other day with the current pizza counter.

Hassay added, “Students have often said that they would like a pasta bar, and this is why it came up in our committee meetings.” He also explained that SU strives to represent the suggestions that they receive and propose these ideas.

Around campus, many students offered up their take on the Schott dining experience and what options could be added for next year.

Sophomore Brad Beattie said, “One thing I practice at home is a nice Mediterranean diet with very lively colors which there are a lot at the caf, but I wish they would serve it more as the main meals instead of being set off to the side. I feel that this will promote healthier options.”

Many students, like senior Joe Cahill, said they liked certain consistency, but would like an assortment in the different staple items available.

“One thing that I really like is when the sandwich bar has different selections of meats rather than just turkey, ham and salami,” said Cahill. “When they have different types of meats and cheeses, it gives a greater variety to the students.”

Freshman Marissa Dickerson said, “A smoothie bar where you can add your own fruit would be nice. I think that if they had that in the cafeteria, I would definitely go more often.”

Junior Rachel Friend referenced a throw-back item that used to be a part of the cafeteria: “When I was a freshman, there were big containers of water with tasty cucumbers and fruits in them. It’s nice to have fresh, fruity water,” said Friend.

Another student, sophomore Rachel Distler, said, “It would be nice if we could use a meal swipe at the Inn Between.” This option was available to students in previous years.

SU has also been working with JCU Dining on legislation to change the way that meal swipes are used. These changes would allow students to use a meal swipe in an alternative on-campus dining service, such as the Inn Between, and the swipe would count for a certain amount of money towards an entrée.

Committee meetings for the dining services are held every other Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Underground, and are open to all students.