Economic perspective

April 18th, 2013

When you read articles or news stories that relate to business and finance, whether in magazines, online or in newspapers, do you ever feel overwhelmed? With so many details being reported by our various news outlets, and a limitation on how much we know and have experienced in business and finance, reading articles about current events and occurrences may be confusing enough at times to stop reading and give up on.

My advice is that you try to persevere through these complications, as understanding the business and finance environment can be valuable and pay dividends. In other words, keeping up to date with what’s going on in the business world can cause immediate benefits, and future benefits as well.

There are various reputable news outlets to take advantage of that will inform you on emerging stories and occurrences relating to business and finance, the marketplace, money and investing. It is important to make an effort to read multiple sources for business news stories. This is because there are many forms of media bias that can give you only certain sides of a story.

Newspapers that I recommend for catching up on relevant business and finance news, that will give you diverse perspectives, are The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. These publications are available to us daily on the JCU campus in the Administration Building and Boler School of Business.

Some websites that I recommend for staying current on what’s new in the marketplace are CNN Money (, Bloomberg Businessweek ( and The WSJ MarketWatch  ( These websites have numerous articles that touch on a variety of topics and news highlights. These articles also may contain links to resources that further explain terminology, companies and titles.

When complications arise in your reading, I have a few tips that may help you in understanding and comprehending the information. First off, I advise that you highlight any parts of the article that cause you confusion after reading through the article the first time.

Any terms or concepts that you have highlighted will need light shed on them for you to understand their meaning and context in the story. I suggest using resources like or, where you may look up business terminology, historical events and concepts. These websites will give you definitions, explanations and examples that will help you to fully understand your news story.

Another tip is to bring the article to one of the many professors in the Boler School of Business, at their availability and convenience. Professors in the accountancy; finance and economics; and management, marketing and logistics departments have a wealth of knowledge and economic perspective that they will share with you in your quest for learning and understanding the business world.

Henry Ford said, “If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” Being current with what is going on in our economic environment will help you to grow and develop your views on many issues, such as politics, how you spend your money and new innovations that can be taken advantage of. The knowledge you acquire from gaining further understanding of articles you read will also help you in conversations you may have with prospective employers or family members. Go out and read, learn and grow your knowledge by utilizing your resources and continuing to persevere.