Comedian Paul Varghese gets laughs at ‘Thursday Night Live’

April 18th, 2013

Knock knock. Who’s there? A funny guy. A funny guy who?

A funny guy who made the students of John Carroll University laugh on Thursday, April 11, when comedian Paul Varghese performed an hour-long gig on the stage in the LSC Atrium. The act was a part of SUPB’s “Thursday Night Live” performance, which was a benefit for the Labre project.

This SUPB sponsored performer was born in Dallas, and became famous on the reality show, “Last Comic Standing 2.” Varghese also made it big time when he was featured on Comedy Central in 2007 with his very own show in the series, “Live in Gotham.”

His show on campus focused on three main topics: race, candy and being an adult. The performance could have been considered either mildly offensive or utterly hilarious – though it seemed as if more people found it to be the latter.

As soon as Varghese hit the stage, he talked about his Indian-American nationality, and was extremely willing to joke about it. He joked about how the aroma of Indian food traveled for miles and how it was like a GPS for his family, following the scent of curry through the neighborhoods to find a relative’s house. He didn’t strictly focus on his own Indian descent; he also made plenty of jokes about other nationalities.

Varghese related just about every joke to a love for candy. He mentioned that he is like a child when it comes to candy, and has even gone as far as picking M&M’s out of cookies to get a sugar rush.

Varghese also explained how becoming an adult and living on his own has changed his life. For example, he is able to eat as much candy as he would like without anyone stopping him, and if the situation arises, he can purchase an entire birthday cake for himself without anyone to judge him. He also joked about his relationship with his parents, and the effects of being beaten, with the one thing he could trust as a child, his teddy bear.

The performance given by Varghese had some students laughing; although, as he mentioned during his show, he might never be as famous as the “sneezing panda” off of YouTube.