A time to remember

April 10th, 2013

In light of all the recent news stories and headlines that have been shown, I must say that I never thought this kind of event would happen. Not after all of my political science classes that told me that conflict between the United States government and other foreign governments were essentially over. But then again, the present has proven otherwise.

If you have not figured out yet what I am referring to, it is the nuclear threat coming from Kim Jong Un and North Korea. This is something definitely worth noting, because there is no telling when we may see something like this again. Now understand that I am not necessarily trying to glorify events such as this, because they are worthy of cause for concern, especially if innocent soldiers and civilians are involved. But at the same time, history has convinced me that we have had far greater crises that have ended well, so I would not recommend dropping under your desks quite yet. I am only trying to point out what is happening.

So yes, it seems that this is just another day in the world of threats aimed at the United States and its allies. Not quite. As I mentioned earlier, this is a conflict between two governments. Lately, most of the enemies the U.S. has dealt with are terrorist organizations. That is not very good on any level. These are often groups from humble backgrounds who are able to gain members by pointing to American actions that led them to such a cause. They also blend in much easier with the civilian population.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has none of those factors going for him. Here is a leader of a state whose government brutally suppresses its people. They censor and punish them when they step out of line. Then they threaten their neighbor without being provoked. Good luck on obtaining sympathy and support!

Now I must apologize if it sounds like I am treating this lightly, but there are other reasons that this situation is fascinating as well as entertaining. First of all, it’s nice to see a change in media coverage. Of course I would prefer that we had no enemies to cover, but since that is not the case, why not switch it up? I am tired of the Middle East!

The terrain makes it far more different to fight our enemies. North Korea, being a peninsula, makes it so much easier. Not to mention if we did go to war, we would be fighting identifiable soldiers.

Kim Jong Un himself makes the conflict what it is. A spoiled, silver-spoon-fed (pun-intended), chubby dictator.

Finally, the best things to get out of something like this is all the comedic observations. Whether it is Jon Stewart having a field day with mocking North Korea being completely out of date with the rest of the world, Saturday Night Live, or the many memes you can find on Google, it’s all hilarious! Just think, if only they had that kind of technology or Stewart’s mentality during the Cuban Missile Crisis, it would have been over in six-and-a-half days instead of 13. Well maybe not, but we are not dealing with anything like we did half a century ago.

So in the meantime, just kick back and enjoy this political melodrama reflecting the 20th century before it draws to a close.