Dakaboom: the duo that has it all

March 21st, 2013

Dakaboom is a hilariously engaging vaudeville act that performed as part of SUPB’s Thursday Night Live open mic series. The comedy duo, Ben McLain and Paul Peglar, sent the Lombardo Student Center Atrium into fits of laughter.  Featuring wonderful musical talent and flirtatious attitudes, the act was rounded off by the quality of comedy throughout the set.

Starting off with the tune of the famous Journey hit “Don’t Stop Believing,”  Peglar and McClain decided to change the first set of lyrics to, “Just … no,” rusing to do the rest of the song. Each song was an original mix of jokes and great vocal contributions.Throughout the set, they told their story about how they were best friends since meeting at Maria Carillo High School in Northern California. Songs that required musical talent like “Maria” from “West Side Story” were featured, except the name was “Dora” and JCU sophomore Dora Bomberger was called up and serenaded onstage. One of the most amusing songs was the “FAQs of Dakaboom,” where they covered the questions that are always asked at shows: “What was Peglar’s biggest influence? Peer pressure. McClain’s day job?  A singing waiter at a pizzeria. Are they single?  Yes.” Hopping off the piano, Peglar joined McClain in a beatbox cover of “Never Had a Friend Like Me,”  from Aladdin.

Other funny moments included Peglar’s “attempt” at stand up, during which McClain pushed him into performing for the JCU students.  After a few puns and short jokes, which the crowd did laugh at, McClain’s insisting that Peglar wasn’t funny caused Peglar to leave the stage angry. McClain created an entire song with a loop pedal and his voice, creating the percussion.

He then sang lyrics over it about being a bat. It was a creative, comedic song that blended his voice together perfectly. Peglar came back and featured a perfect falsetto. The duo finished their set with a song featuring 50 TV show theme songs in five minutes.

Describing themselves as post-modern vaudeville, Dakaboom incorporated fantastic musical ability and comedy, as well as sketch acting.