North Korea steps up nuclear threats

March 20th, 2013

In the last two weeks, the tension between North Korea and its global enemies has mounted with alarming speed. Following an illegal nuclear test by the country on Feb. 2, the United Nations enforced harsh sanctions, leaving North Korean military personnel embittered. According to BBC World News, one of North Korea’s propaganda websites posted statements advising Chinese citizens on southern islands to evacuate immediately in preparation for bombing.

The U.S. responded by strengthening its military missile defenses on the western coast, which incited more threats against the Chinese island of Yeonpyeong, also warning of a preemptive attack on American soil.  The United Nations fears that with each step it takes toward diplomacy, North Korea moves toward military confrontation characterized by high civilian death tolls on the exposed southern islands.

North Korea has taken advantage of this tumultuous military climate to launch technology-related allegations at the U. S. According to CNN, on March 12, a major North Korean news station announced that the country was being victimized by enemy forces. They claimed that the United States and other nations hostile to the North Korean cause are launching persistent cyber attacks upon national databases and military computers.

The government stated in a KCNA report that the “United States and its allies” are responsible for the ensuing military response, providing justification for an attack on American soil or the southern islands the U.S. is attempting to shield from invasion. These supposed attacks have birthed a series of statements broadcast on North Korean news networks declaring armistice agreements, reached between North Korea and South Korea, to be null and void. Most alarmingly, the government reneged on their non-aggression pacts with the South, which helped to bring about a cease fire that concluded the Korean War in 1953.

As a result of this alarming threat, the U.S. has taken military, diplomatic and economic steps to inhibit the North Korean movement toward war. According to CNN, America has moved to combine forces with South Korea in preparation for an attack by the North. The U.S. worries that this will result in a negative North Korean response, but acknowledges the importance of a defense system in the face of such blatant, threatening language and anti-American propaganda. America also attempted to initiate discussions with North Korea, using the United Nations as mediator, but the nation refused to cooperate.

Finally, the U.S. imposed sanctions on North Korea’s Foreign Trade Bank, justifying the step by pointing out its connection to North Korea’s growing nuclear armory.  This stifling economic restriction cuts off one of North Korea’s most influential financial institutions from American markets. According to CBS News, America has readied the 28,000 soldiers still posted in South Korea to defend its borders, and American soil, from any military movements by the North.

Information from CBS, BBC and CNN was used in this report.