Waist not- JCU takes on health issues

February 28th, 2013

This week, John Carroll teamed up with the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders to promote “Eating Disorder Awareness Week,” kicking off with an event held Monday evening.

During the event, they showed a documentary highlighting the life and anxieties of a 12-year-old model. It also presented other themes, including the dangers of certain beauty products and strategies behind beauty campaigns.

After the documentary, a panel of experts answered questions from the audience and discussed the effects of beauty campaigns on young people, as well as the increasing prevalence of eating disorders among teens and young adults.

It is critical for John Carroll, as well as other institutions, to address this issue, since it can directly affect a significant number of students in the JCU community. The University should definitely direct more attention to this issue in the near future by holding more forums that offer community, safety and confidentiality.

The Student Health Center should get involved by giving medical attention to those in need and making sure that students know who they can talk to about anxieties, especially the University Counseling Center, RAs and fellow peers.

Friends also have the responsibility to address the issue if they suspect a friend has a disorder. Furthermore, each individual must move away from the hyper-sexualized culture that promotes such a superficial image of beauty and  view the media from a more critical perspective. This includes discussing it openly and honestly, as well as acknowledging that it affects both men and women equally.