Benghazi files to be released to Senate

February 26th, 2013

Last Sept. 11, a heavily armed group attacked an American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were killed in the attack, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. Since then, there has been much controversy on the attack. Sen. John McCain has several times claimed a massive cover-up on the Benghazi attack.

Lawmakers have been disappointed in the way that the attack was handled by the Obama administration and what information was given on the attack to the American people. Reason to call the Benghazi attack a cover-up came from a strong Republican belief that President Barack Obama and his administration downplayed the attack during the presidential election. The CIA and the Obama administration had taken their time confirming that the attack was an act of terror rather than an incident that resulted from protests of an anti-Muslim film. In the initial CIA report, the attack was linked to al-Qaida. The report was later changed to describing those involved as “extremists.”

On Feb. 22, the White House agreed to turn over emails and intelligence reports related to the Benghazi attack to the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to a congressional aide. National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor reported that the White House has already sent over 10,000 pages of related material to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which included related documents, witness interviews, hours of testimony and staff briefings.

To further this investigation along, the Senate has demanded documents and emails from the White House as a condition to the voting on the nomination of John Brennan for CIA director.  These emails include debates by national security officials on how to describe the attack.

But how quickly the Senate nominates Brennan depends on if the lawmakers are satisfied with administration response to their requests for more information.

John Brennan is also being questioned on whether the administration would authorize the use of drones for targeted American killings on American soil. Brennan responded that the administration has no intention of doing so.

Currently, Democrats members on the Senate Intelligence Committee are asking for information from the White House on the targeted killings of Americans overseas by drones, as well.

Information from the Huffington Post, CNN and the CBS Evening News was used in this report.