The sky’s not the limit

February 21st, 2013

John Carroll tuition rates are going up again for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Not counting room and board or additional student fees, the tuition for a full-time undergraduate student is now $32,130. Next year, this will increase 3.9 percent to reach $33,330. With the addition of Student Activity, technology and health and wellness fees, the grand total will be $34,480.

This is not the first tuition increase John Carroll students have seen recently. Rates increased 4.8 percent in each of the previous two academic years. The University’s vice president for finance, Rich Mausser, attributed these tuition changes to maintenance, health care and keeping the IT infrastructure up-to-date. Another main component is also staying relatively consistent with the tuition rates of other schools similar to John Carroll.

Since cost is a major factor for prospective students in determining where to go to school, the University should focus on finding ways to accommodate students’ financial needs. Perhaps there is truly no way to prevent tuition rates from rising, but if that is the case, then the University must maintain a standard of fairness by also increasing students’ scholarships at a similar pace.

This would be the best option in meeting the University’s financial needs while still making education here affordable for both current and future students. Since John Carroll is putting a great deal of effort into increasing freshman enrollment rates in upcoming years, the financial board should be able to allow extra dollars to be added to students’ scholarships to help them get the best education at the best price possible.