Bucket listing

February 21st, 2013

This semester really needs to slow down a bit. I can hardly believe we’re nearing midterms already!

My time here at John Carroll University is quickly coming to an end. As a senior in my final semester, I feel it is my duty to pass down the knowledge I’ve acquired throughout my four years as an undergraduate.

So, in this latest installment of my column, I give you this advice: Write a JCU “bucket list.”

When I get my diploma in May, hopefully on Rodman Terrace, I will have “kicked the bucket” on my college undergraduate life. So I need to accomplish a few things here before I move on to the real world.

Some of the things on the list I have already crossed off. For instance, I’ve painted the Pacelli Lion twice already. That item got checked off during Finals Week of sophomore year. I remember doing some late-night studying with friends when we got word to join in the festivities. Our large group of friends – many of us lived together on the same floor – had wanted to paint the lion for some time.

After we were done, I doubt any group had made the lion look as American as we did. But, unfortunately, our patriotic masterpiece only stayed up for a short time. As soon as we discovered our artwork had been painted over by another campus group, we went out in broad daylight to take the lion back.

Another accomplishment I can cross off the bucket list is being a Blue Streak. Technically, as a JCU student, I’m already a Blue Streak. But I had never been a JCU student-athlete until last spring as a member of the club water polo team. It felt good to not only get back in the pool after three years out, but also to compete as an athlete representing my school. Unfortunately, my academic and newspaper responsibilities have called me back to dry land.

But enough about what I have done … here are a few of the things on my JCU bucket list I have yet to do.

At the top of the list is to do some kind of service work before I graduate. While I consider my work on The Carroll News a service to the community, I have never participated in an immersion experience, Labre, weekly service, etc.

Do I regret that to this point? A little bit. My intention was never to avoid participating in service opportunities. I just found a more unconventional way to help others. Frankly, I would love to go on Labre or take part in this year’s Jesuit Day of Service.

My next JCU bucket list item takes me to a place that has become my second home for the last four years: the newsroom. I would like to write a story for each section of The Carroll News before I graduate. So far, I’ve written extensively for Campus, reported for World News and crafted editorials and commentaries for Editorial & Op/Ed. Before I graduate, I need assignments from Arts & Life, Business & Finance and Sports.

The point of this commentary is to emphasize making the most of opportunities. Our time at John Carroll University is an opportunity to “carpe diem,” which is Latin for “seize the day.” Making a JCU bucket list, or  a list of goals generally, is a good thing to do because it helps us to focus on what is really important.

I have more things on my JCU bucket list, but that’s all this column space will let me write. I hope this commentary helps you write your own list and find great experiences you can share before you “kick the bucket” on your undergraduate years.