What about the rest of the year?

February 14th, 2013

What about the rest of the year?

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the worst day of the year (well, other than every Monday of the year) but otherwise, the worst day of the year.  Now let me explain, because I have a feeling everyone reading this right now probably has that stereotypical thought of “Oh, he’s just bitter because he’s had bad Valentine’s Day experiences and blah blah blah.” Well, in reality, and contrary to popular belief, none of the Valentine’s Days I’ve ever been part of have been bad, and I’d actually say they have been pretty normal.  I’ve only ever been in one relationship that ran through a Valentine’s Day, and I’d say that one was pretty normal too.

So ask me why on earth is Valentine’s Day the worst day of the year?  And I’d respond, Where do you want me to start?

Valentine’s Day is probably the single-most fluke of a holiday I have ever lived through. First of all, whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day symbolizes the one day of the year when love is forced.  All that happens on Feb. 14 every year is people feel obligated for once to show that they care about someone. If they don’t have someone they rush to find someone on that day that will agree to “be their Valentine.” What a joke. Think about it. If you really love someone, or even just like them or care about them as much as you say you do, then the things you do on Valentine’s Day should be things you are already doing on any given day. In other words, you should show how much that person means to you the other 364 days of the year that aren’t called “Valentine’s Day.”  It’s basically like people hear the title “Valentine’s Day” and the first thought is, “What should I buy? What should I get? What should I do?” If you don’t think about that any other day, then what is the point of forcing it now?  It shouldn’t be an obligation, but unfortunately that is what it has become.

In my opinion, it is more impressive if you get a girl flowers on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-October just because you want to than if you do it for Valentine’s Day. Ask any girl that, and I bet they would agree. Now don’t get me wrong: If you don’t care all the other days, then go ahead and let Feb. 14 be the one day you try, which ironically enough brings me to my next point of why today is the worst.

Valentine’s Day is a day that allows bad boyfriends to make up for their mistakes from the past year.  So many times I’ve seen or heard a girl complain about how bad her boyfriend treats her all year long, or how rude her boyfriend was to her last week, or how he won’t kiss her in public, and she’s upset. Then, Valentine’s Day rolls around and boom, she’s got flowers falling out of her closet, chocolates that could feed a third world country and PDA everywhere they go.  All of a sudden, everything is good again till the next time she gets cheated on or the next time they fight.  Enough is enough!  If you’re using Valentine’s Day to make up for your mistakes, and that’s the only day you really care, you probably aren’t happy.  Now don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes too; but I’m confident that if you asked my girlfriend, Brittany Fleming, if I show her I love her every single day, she would say yes without any hesitation. That’s not to say I’m any better than anyone else, but just that Valentine’s Day is so overdone.  I’d rather show someone their worth on a daily basis than on a Hallmark holiday like today.

To be honest, I like thinking back to the days when you wrote a Valentine for everyone in your class and put them in their little bag so they could go home and read how much people cared about them.  That’s how Valentine’s Day should be, sharing the love with everyone, not just putting on a fake show.

All in all, Valentine’s Day has gone from representing love, devotion and connection between you and someone you truly care about, and become more about what can you buy to show that you care about that person?  The Beatles said it best … “Can’t buy me love.”  I’ll stand by that until the day I die. That being said, do the right thing today, and then repeat it for the next 364 days after that.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Brittany! I love you!