Love, hate and the supernatural

February 14th, 2013

“Beautiful Creatures” is the film adaptation of a novel by the same name written by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl. Starring Alden Ehrenrieich (Tetro, 2009, and Twist, 2011) as Ethan Wate and Alice Englert (The Water Diary, 2006 and 2008) as Lena Duchannes. On the first day of Ethan’s junior year he wakes from a recurring dream of a girl he doesn’t know, only to find that she has transferred to his small-town high school. The town of Gatlin, S.C. hasn’t had a new student since the third grade. The new girl, Lena Duchannes and her family of “Casters” (the movie’s name for witches) quickly become the talk of the town. As the two grow closer, secrets of the town of Gatlin are uncovered, and the powers of light and dark fight over the destiny of one girl are revealed.

The promotional commercials that have been broadcast on television lend the impression that this movie is dark and intense. While it is a rather intense look at the supernatural, it is also a high school love story. There are just enough comedic moments to make the audience laugh as well as scenes that invoke curiosity. The storyline itself is fast enough to keep the watcher’s interest while lingering in the right places to amp up the mystery factor on the things the audience isn’t in the know about yet. Interspersed between the “scary images” and slight violent scenes are several sexual innuendos.

Clearly, this movie was designed to entertain and not to provoke thought; but in the middle of the semester, when it’s freezing outside, this is a great way to lift the cold weather blues. This movie had it all: a plot teeming with moments of laughter, sadness and intrigue.