Record snow hits the Northeast hard

February 13th, 2013

The blizzard that took over the northeast is just about over, aside from the snow keeping residents of some cities indoors. According to CNN, freezing temperatures kept the snow from melting. In Connecticut, 40 inches fell in the city of Hamden. Heavy snowfall and strong winds blasted through northeastern cities. The blizzard has also left thousands without power, and during this past weekend, it contributed even more snow. About 40 inches of snow was dumped, and the blizzard is responsible for killing nine people as well as leaving many without power.

Utility companies reported on Sunday that 350,000 people were still without electricity across a nine-state region, according to Reuters. Airports began to re-open on Sunday, as about 5,000 flights were canceled on Friday. Some transit was still suspended as of Sunday morning.

Another storm was also expected to occur across the Northern Plains. From Colorado to Minnesota, a foot of snow and high winds were supposed to hit. Also, South Dakota was the worst-hit, with winds of 50 mph establishing white-outs and then reaching to North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Wisconsin.

Over the weekend, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts took the hard end of the blizzard. The storm also reached Maine, leaving 31.9 inches of snow in Portland, breaking the 1979 record. In Connecticut, five deaths occurred, and there were two in New York and Boston. These were accidents of carbon monoxide poisoning in cars. In one case, an 11-year-old boy tried to keep warm in the car, but the exhaust of the car was blocked. This has been a source of investigation due to the number of people trying to keep warm in cars and the snow blocking the exhaust pipes, therefore causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Snowmobiles were used for road rescues this past Friday and Saturday. Normalcy in the skies and on the roads returned on Sunday, and dig outs were finally able to begin. Through this week, the roads and transportation are expected to make a recovery. As of Sunday, residents said that there really wasn’t anywhere to put the snow that was being dug out, but everyone was doing the best they could.

Information from CNN was used in this article.