Warm up with a cup!

January 31st, 2013

It’s a Wednesday night, and the wind chill is -12 outside. All you really want to do is screen Netflix for the next three hours and burrow into your bed with a cup of anything warm, calming and tasty. Okay, so maybe you have loads of homework to do and sprawling on your bed with your Netflix is out of the question, but that something warm, calming and tasty that you want to be sipping on is within reach! All you have to do is bundle up and head down to The Cubby, where drinks such as London Fog and Calico Cat are calling your name. Looking at that beautifully decorated chalk board is overwhelming, but have no fear because Alyse Viggiano, student manager of The Cubby, offers a first-hand look at the top five hot drinks for the cold winter season.

The Chico

The Chico is the most popular signature drink for this chilly winter season. It is based off the original and popular dolce de leche flavor, but with a new unique twist. It is made with caramel, cinnamon and chocolate. Not only can you get this delicious concoction as a latté, but also as a hot chocolate steamer.

 London Fog

This steaming tea is the second-most popular drink at The Cubby. It is made from an Earl Grey blend with vanilla and steamed milk. This popular tea is perfect for those seeking a caffeine rush without the crash later on.

John Carroller

The winter season’s special at The Cubby will have you singing. The secret to making this charming latté: white chocolate, cinnamon and chai.

Calico Cat

This unique drink can be made as either a latté or steamer and contains hints of vanilla and caramel.


The deliciousness of this brewed latté is the simplicity of the original combo of chocolate and caramel flavors, blended together into a perfect harmony of flavor.

 Trying to keep lean in 2013?

For anyone trying to keep their New Year’s resolution of eating healthier this year, here is the answer. Drinks at The Cubby can be modified to substitute in healthier ingredients, such as using skim or soy milk. Tea lattés are also the perfect solution for someone with a sweet tooth, but want to keep the calorie intake to a minimum.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner the Cubby will be featuring new goodies, Viggiano says.

Alongside their previous desserts, all made with no trans fat, The Cubby is now offering vegan banana bread in flavors such as chocolate walnut, with more flavors soon to make a debut.