There must be some Blue Streaks in the atmosphere

January 31st, 2013

It’s no small secret that Cleveland’s temperatures have taken a plummet lately. Students expect to have a nice, warm room to retreat to in such frigid weather, but this has not been the case for those living in the residence halls.

Since the beginning of the semester, proper heating has been an issue in nearly all of the dorm buildings, bringing dissatisfaction among students.

Students have reported extremely cold temperatures despite having the heat turned all the way up in some rooms of Murphy, Campion and Sutowski halls. Other students in Hamlin have complained of excessive heat.

Residence Life and the Facilities departments claim the extreme temperatures, blocked radiators or partially open windows could be to blame. Facilities advises students to check for these problems in dorm rooms. The department stated that it is working to resolve the consistent distribution of heat in all dorms.

If students continue to experience heating problems, the resident assistant should be informed and a work order should be put in to the facilities department so any mechanical problems can be remedied. In light of rapidly changing weather, it is important that Facilities is diligent and responds quickly to these orders.