iSkin showcases tech fashion accessories at CES 2013

January 24th, 2013

On Jan. 16, iSkin gave customers a sneak peek at the newest trends in accessories at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Their mantra for the new year: “Welcome to the new era of ‘sleek with a protective twist.’”

Celebrating a decade of high-fashion products, iSkin launched eye-catching designs appearing on laptop sleeves, keyboard covers, smartphone cases, iPads and other gadgets. Accessories are compatible with Apple, Samsung and Blackberry mobile phones.

Here are a few of the designs the company unveiled:

ProTouch Fashion Keys

This protector aims at combining the protective silicone case that was first brought to the public in 2004 with a glimpse of visual creativity. The cover features a protective layer that guards against spills and scratches to the keys. “They also feature MicroBan® antimicrobial product protection,” according to Practicality aside, the line features a variety of patterns and designs meant to brighten up a dull laptop.

The Zombie Boy Collection

Take Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” music video, cutting-edge fashion and the sinister side of Halloween, combine them together, and presto: you have the Zombie Boy Collection. Inspired by the full-body tattoos of Canadian artist and fashion model Rick Genest, more widely known as Rico the Zombie Boy, this collection features detailed graphics of zombie-like imagery. The Zombie Boy Collection will be launched to the public later on in the year.

ProTouch Titan (High-Impact Screen Protection)

This protective cover is targeted to prevent screen damage to the iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPad mini. As listed on the website, the Titan “utilizes an innovative multi-layered design that combines shock, impact and puncture resistance that strengthens the glass layer of the LCD screen, allowing it to withstand higher-than-normal forces.” It will be released to the public at the end of the month.

The Leopard and Denim Fashion Collections

iSkin has now transformed these two clothing favorites into tech-friendly products. These prints are featured on wristlets and backpacks equipped with smartphone pockets, in addition to the accessories found in the other lines. All products in the collection are made with 100 percent nylon.

The Polka Dot Collection

In light of the polka dot rage that has taken the fashion world by storm ever since The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show this past fall, iSkin has recreated the trend into electronic accessory form.  According to their website, “The polka dot classic pattern has been revamped with a fun and modern twist, adorning an upscale nylon fabric wrapped around a sturdy high-gloss polycarbonate.”