Come back, students!

January 24th, 2013

This year’s freshman class enrollment reached the lowest that it has been in three years, decreasing by 10 percent from the past 10 years’ average. This is a statewide occurrence, due to a decrease in public high school graduates in Ohio. Despite the decrease in graduates, incoming classes are expected to be more racially diverse.

The increased diversity of incoming classes will improve the culture of the campus community in and out of the classroom, bringing perspectives from all backgrounds to the table.

The decrease in enrollment is not a problem specific to JCU; but, the University must be sure to remain one of the most attractive options to prospective students by maintaining high quality programs, opportunities and facilities, despite a possible decrease in tuition income.

The University says it is working to obtain students through other sources, like transfers and international students. Furthermore, it is commendable that the University has heightened its marketing efforts to high school juniors and seniors, which is already proving increased interest in the University.

The decrease in high school graduates reflects negatively on the education system of the state. The catalysts for this decrease in graduation numbers must be found and remedied before the problems worsen.