Generation Y

December 6th, 2012

With the year coming to a close, it seems customary to always look back and reflect on what has happened. Once this is done, the next step is to create a resolution for the future. To be perfectly honest, I have never succeeded in doing this beyond 10 minutes. But seeing that I am now in my 20th year of life, it may be better if I give this practice a second glance.

People my age appear to understand what affects their everyday lives. Generation Y (the label we have been given), is one that has a strident urge to obtain stability. We want to find a good job, not so much because we are passionate about it, but because it is the key to a low-risk lifestyle. In education, students are both pushed and work harder than in previous generations. Even in athletics, every adolescent seems to be pushed as if they were training for the Olympics.

On the surface, these factors appear to be all well and good. Today’s youth is a group of hardworking people who not only love their parents and respect their elders, but wish to be far more serious than them. But as we often hear, too much of anything can be bad. Personal experience has led me to believe this is a very truthful statement.

By the time I had gone home for Thanksgiving, I was pretty strung out. Everything was on my mind, and I could not seem to relax. My parents noticed and decided to give me some seemingly simple advice: “Just relax and don’t take everything so seriously.” I was puzzled; did my parents just imply that I should be nonchalant about everything? With a little more clarity, things did seem to make more sense. It is true that many from our generation face a unique set of challenges, but in reality there are some things that remain the same. My parents also attended college during a recession while hearing bleak news. But they realized the fact that they were still young and had plenty of time for things to change.

For those who may still be wondering what I am trying to get at, it is to realize that we are still very young and need to learn how to live that way as well. Yes, we are far more advanced technologically and focused, but we seem to be cashing in on other useful tools as a result. One would be many of our basic communication skills. Generation Y seems to struggle carrying out much dialogue without the interference or influence of technology, which makes a lot of social experiences less enjoyable. Let’s face it, I am sure a number of people would agree that their dating lives would be much better if they could meet face to face rather than depending on texting. The job world is no different. Many employers choose not to hire younger applicants because of their poor communication skills.

Fortunately, all is not lost. All our generation has to do is take a step back and recognize that we are human again. Next time you feel that everything is too much, relax and realize that this is the only time that you will be young. Success will come to you if you want it; just give it a little time and enjoy the ride.