Donna Byrnes, Sherri Crahen, Megan Dzurec, Sue Grazia, The Rev. Bernie McAniff, S.J., Amanda Rolf

December 6th, 2012

Unfortunately, from time to time, the Dean of Students Office receives reports of situations which have compromised the safety of others due to students who have chosen to commit acts of violence, intolerance or who are in violation of the alcohol policy. While it can be difficult and disappointing to hear about these incidents, we have been encouraged by the multiple reports in which a bystander(s) has been willing to step up and intervene when a student is potentially in harm’s way. Since the beginning of Fall semester, some key bystanders have intervened in a variety of situations, including incidents of possible alcohol poisoning, acts of intolerance, violence, self-harm and unwanted sexual contact.

These actions by bystanders have prevented potentially life-altering situations from occurring. Too often in our society, bystanders stand by idly, look the other way or hope someone else will intervene. We recognize that speaking up in these situations is not easy, and often there are many barriers to intervening. These considerations add to why we have been so impressed to hear about John Carroll students who willingly went against the grain to help protect one another. We feel this responsiveness is truly living the mission and fully represents being men and women for others. Again, we want to express our gratitude and pride in the students who have intervened on behalf of their peers. Your actions are not only incredibly significant to the person you have helped, but also to all other future bystanders. Your example will make it easier for others to feel confident intervening in the future. Keep up the awesome work!

The Dean of Students office is committed to offering bystander intervention education for anyone who would like to learn additional skills and tips on safely intervening to prevent a potentially harmful situation.