Blizzard Bash 2012 comes in storming

December 6th, 2012

On Sunday, Nov. 17, The Brothers Lounge hosted WJCU-FM’s annual Blizzard Bash fundraiser and concert event.

The music provided for the evening included The Commonwealth, Lowly, The Tree Ghost and Oldboy. The Commonwealth was the first band on for the night, charged with the job of getting the crowd hyped. They produce a pretty eerie rock sound with no bass line to give it depth.

Just like the Black Keys, who are made up of a guitarist and a drummer, The Commonwealth have two guitarists and a drummer, making their sounds very similar.  They played as if they were in front of a crowd much larger than the one in attendance. The rhythm guitarist and singer even went so far as to jump off the stage and dance while he played. All in all, it was a great warm-up act for the night, fitting in perfectly with the lounge setting in which the event was hosted.

Lowly, The Tree Ghost was next to go on with an interesting combination of a piano, bass, two guitars and a violin. The drums were played between the rhythm guitarist, the violinist and the bassist. With the rhythmic sound of the bass drum continuing through most of their songs and the high-pitched notes of the violin, this band lent itself to a more folk style of music.

They furthered this comparison with the lyrics of their songs. Their lyrics clearly told a story and were sung as if in conversation between the pianist and the rhythm guitarist. The voice of the pianist is comparable to that of Florence Henderson of Florence and the Machine. For folk music, Lowly, The Tree Ghost created quite a buzz with their unexpected style.

The final act of the night was Oldboy, a band with a sound that is a cross between your classic roots rock and folk. When they kicked off their set they instantly resembled Sister Hazel and their song “All For You.” Where the other bands are the type to play in smaller lounge or pub type venues, Oldboy could be seen playing in  bigger spaces such as the Scene Stage at the House of Blues.  Oldboy managed to have a perfect blend of lyrics and music, while using some interesting musical instruments to help them stand out.

In addition to the standard drums, Oldboy used a set of congas. This band was a perfect way to cap off the night, lending to a happy atmosphere and a successful fundraiser.