Your votes are in: JCU students elect Student Union officers for 2013 term

November 15th, 2012

It was fitting that in the aftermath of the nation choosing its respective government representatives, the John Carroll University student body would do the same, electing their Student Union executive board for the upcoming year.

In a three-way race for president, junior Kim Rossi emerged as the winner, after collecting 43.1 percent of the vote over her opposing candidates, juniors Doug DeWysocki and Steve Palmieri.

Rossi said, “The biggest challenge I faced in my campaign for Student Union president was definitely campaigning against two of the most qualified and dedicated candidates in Steve Palmieri and Doug DeWysocki. All being friends on Student Union together, we really pushed each other to be better and relished the opportunity to show the student body what we were capable of and why we were deserving of their vote.”

Running unopposed for executive vice president was sophomore Tim Ficke, who received some competition from write-in candidate, freshman Nick Bacon.

For the position of vice president for programming, it was junior Chelsea Gerken who emerged victorious on election day, as she also ran unopposed.

Junior Allie Stevens won the race for vice president for business affairs with sophomore Kahim Chan coming up short in a competitive race.

Sophomore Brianna Lazarchik was the third of four candidates that ran unopposed, and she won the race for vice president of communications.

“One goal I have is to make things more streamlined and unified, because I think that that is one of our biggest problems on this campus is that things are so disconnected; and a lot of groups put on great events, but you don’t always know what’s going on, and things are at the same time,” Lazarchik.

After the final election results were posted, she said, “I want to make one big calendar that all student organizations can contribute to, and as long as they’re on the calendar before the next month, they’re going to go on a big calendar that’s going to be in the display case outside the Student Union office, which I think will be really awesome.”

In the race for vice president for judicial affairs, junior Jack Walton took the win over graduate student Sarah Horan. Finally, it was sophomore Steve Henderson that took the last spot on the Student Union executive board, sealing up the seat for vice president for student organizations.

An analysis of the voting revealed that approximately 856 students participated in this year’s Student Union elections, which comes to about 28.8 percent of the whole student body.

The newly elected candidates made it clear that they were looking forward to working together in the upcoming year.

“I’m very excited and I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead [because] I think we have a great executive team, and we’re all new. So we’re all going to be able to start our own path and we’re not going to really have anything to look back on, so while that is scary, I think there is a lot of potential along with [it],” Ficke said.

Rossi is equally excited for the upcoming year. “I am absolutely thrilled to work with this elected executive board,” she said. “I see the unbelievable potential in this group to do amazing things for this school, and I am simply proud to have the privilege to help lead them and accomplish the many great things ahead of us.”

When this new group is inaugurated in January, the Student Union will certainly have a new look to it, but they said they are looking forward to working together in this upcoming year.