Parking problems … as per usual

November 15th, 2012

At most universities, students are allowed to have a car and park it on university property after purchasing a parking permit. The price for a parking permit at JCU is more than twice as much as a pass at Baldwin Wallace University. This has caused some to question the reasons why it costs so much more to have a car at John Carroll.

Baldwin Wallace charges $65 a semester and $130 for a year-long pass, while JCU charges $175 per semester and $325 for the year.

BW has 1,700 parking spots, while there are 1,541 spots at JCU. All students who apply for a permit receive one. The University’s capacity to provide parking for all who want it is the reason the prices are so high, according to the JCU parking coordinator.

A difference of 159 parking spots shouldn’t make that much of a difference in price. Such a price difference would make sense if JCU’s capacity was substantially lower.

Meanwhile, it’s fitting that the money from tickets and parking passes goes toward parking lot maintenance. However, JCU should take a few pages out of BW’s book. Some money from parking fines and pass purchases should be set aside for student scholarships, like at Baldwin Wallace. Also, BW exhibits a university’s ability to provide more parking than at JCU for a smaller cost, so we should too.