Fall trend watch: Boots 101

November 15th, 2012

With the bleak early winter weather and the stress of classes at an all-time high, why even try and look presentable … ever? Certainly throwing on a pair of sweats and a hoodie seems ideal, but for those days when you want to look just a little nicer, why not go for leggings, an oversized sweater and boots.

Boots have become more and more of a popular staple in so many people’s wardrobe that it is almost inevitable that everyone has at least one pair. With such a large variety, ranging in style, length and color, it is safe to say boots will forever remain a huge part of fall attire.

First is the average rain boot. Obviously, the usual rubber boot is made to make those rainy days just a little less damp. The best part of rain boots is the variety. Whether they are tall, short, vibrant or neutral, they are certainly functional and fashionable.

Another aspect that makes the rain boot so likeable is the affordability. For a cheap pair to last you through a season, Target has some amazing pairs that include wild patterns and fun colors. If you want a sustainable pair that will undoubtedly last you many years to come, go for the Hunter Rain Boot. The lavish and expensive brand has such a variety of colors and styles that splurging a little for yourself is a must.

For those cooler days, why not go for riding boots? Originally called riding boots because of how similar they are to the boots equestrians wear, they should hit somewhere below your knee, and are perfect to be paired with jeans, leggings or even a cute dress or skirt. Riding boots are almost always made of leather, and the best can usually be purchased at a department store or DSW. Ranging in prices based on how much you’re willing to spend, riding boots are a great expense because their durability can last for an extremely long time.

For a grungy, more hipster look, try the combat boot. Because of its lace-up structure and leather material, the combat boot can turn any look into the latest trend because of its versatility. Although they are sold essentially anywhere, Target always has some great pairs that are super inexpensive and always fashionable.

Boots nowadays are not only for women. The men’s desert boot is really taking over and moving into becoming a man’s more updated version of Sperrys. The boot, which can be made with leather or suede usually, comes right above the ankles, just adding a little something different to men’s wardrobe. To find a great looking pair, go to the men’s shoe section of a department store to ensure the most man-friendly pair. They are super stylish on any man, making the desert boot a trend that will hopefully be around for a while.

It is pretty safe to say that now people do not have to rely on Ugg boots to get them through the cold fall and winter seasons. While Uggs will always be a part of our fall fashion, it is good to know that there are other boots out there ensuring more of a variety. So next time when it’s cold, rainy and you just want to curl up into some sweats to go to class, try a pair of boots: they can completely change your gloomy mood.