Getting our bearings

November 14th, 2012

Well, the election is over.  Regardless of any desires to bring about political bickering, I am just going to say in the most print -appropriate fashion, stop! I get it, many are annoyed by the results that developed on Nov. 6. Those who are not still remain doubtful in their minds that anything will truly change. Overall, the votes cast were against “the other guy,” whether it was Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama.

First off, I will just briefly clear up what has been already spoken of: the fate of the Republican Party. The 2012 election was much more of a Republican loss than a Democratic win.  It was incredible that the GOP was able to receive as much a percentage of the popular vote as they did!

Truthfully, the party brought about its own troubles with the 2008 financial crisis, which occurred under a Republican administration. The only benefit they had was that a Democratic Congress was also in power at the time. Republicans would have been wise to be a little more cooperative. Instead, the 2010 midterm elections proved a curse disguised as a blessing for the party, leading to more blame being directed on the party than President Obama. During a similar Democratic re-election scenario, Woodrow Wilson was asked why he did not retaliate against attacks from his Republican opponent Charles Evans Hughes. Noticing the trouble Hughes was bringing to his own cause, Wilson responded, “Never murder a man who is committing suicide.” Indeed, 96 years later Obama could have easily said the same for the Republicans.

Now, the Republicans should consider but not devote their time to figuring out what they did wrong, at least for the remainder of the year. It is true, they have been struck with a serious setback. But they have been in situations like this before (Democrats too). Eventually, they will find their way back to success. However, I would suggest that they find a GOP version of Bill Clinton before they find the next Ronald Reagan to lead the party.

Both parties are going to have to come together over the next few months. This is not for the sake of looking good to the American people (though it would not hurt), but for the sake of the country. Normally, I am not too fond of government intervention. But this is a situation that leaves no better option on the table. The Republicans will simply have to realize that they are going to have to concede on tax hikes and military spending. Democrats are not innocent either. If the Republicans move half way, they will then have to cut heavy spending on programs such as social security. Some of these actions may come across as harsh, but it is reality for the United States.

Let me just finish by saying that the American public has a responsibility as well. We were the ones who elected many of these men and women into office. It is their job to reflect the views of their constituents. If you disapprove, you need to let your voice be heard, not just sit back and say that all politicians are corrupt. Just think: are our leaders really doing what I sent them to do? If the answer is yes, then consider if this is what is best for the country. If you disagree, do not hesitate to speak up before it is too late. We have done this before, and we can do it again!