Sophia Olsen, Class of 2016

November 1st, 2012

As a young, Catholic female voting for the first time, I have to give my support to Mitt Romney for president. I am a person of strong faith, and I am appalled by the assault on religious freedom started by President Obama through the contraceptive/abortion health care mandate.

This mandate was issued with total disregard for the religious or moral convictions of the employer. The president’s reply that it is the health insurance companies that must supply these services, not the employer, is a distinction without a difference as the employer is still required to pay for the insurance.

The only way to stop this assault is to elect Mitt Romney as president. He stated he will revoke the mandate and he will protect the rights of employers who oppose providing these benefits.

President Obama continues to attack Mr. Romney saying Mr. Romney is promoting a “war against women.” As a young female I don’t believe there is a war against women.

Instead, I believe the president is promoting a war against religious beliefs and those who wish to stand up for those beliefs. I want the president and those who support him to know that there are young women who stand against him and his assault.