Smoked out

October 25th, 2012

Recently, there has been some speculation as to whether or not the JCU Student Union should develop a policy that would prohibit smoking anywhere on campus.

Currently, students and faculty are permitted to smoke on campus, as long as they do not come any closer than 20 feet to a building.

In the near future, Student Union will meet to determine the plausibility of a tobacco ban on campus.

Although smoking has many health risks, it is still a person’s prerogative whether or not they choose to smoke. Law allows anyone 18 or over to purchase and use tobacco. The Student Union does not have the right to over-ride that law and determine whether or not students should be allowed to use tobacco outside of campus buildings.

If a smoking ban was to be put in place, it would likely be difficult to enforce. There would need to be constant surveillance of every square inch of campus to catch violators. Due to this impracticality, the new rule would probably be broken regularly.

While it is good for Student Union and John Carroll to discourage smoking and promote healthy practices, the power of University administrative and governing bodies should not supercede a person’s lawful right to use tobacco.