Fall for the foodie: college style

October 25th, 2012

As the little red line on the thermometer rapidly drops day after day and the sweaters and scarves make their way out of hiding, nothing says warm and cozy like a classic fall recipe. From the aroma of fresh-baked apple pie triggering memories to your childhood kitchen adventures with mom, to the warm and tingly sensation of gripping a Starbucks coffee, fall and food have forever gone hand in hand.

Are you eager to unleash your inner Rachel Ray and put your culinary skills to work, but feel disheartened by the fact that your kitchen consists of nothing but a mini fridge and microwave? Not to worry; these simple recipes, geared towards the poor college student with minimal cooking skills and a “kitchen” unworthy of the name, are a spin on fall favorites.

Apple Salad

Hailing from, this recipe showcases the healthier side of fall.

1/4 cup chopped apple

1/2 cup thinly sliced celery

2 tablespoons raisins

1/3 cup Italian dressing (or your favorite)

2 teaspoons brown sugar

Nuts (to sprinkle)

Directions: In a medium bowl, gently stir together apple, celery and raisins. In a small bowl, whisk together dressing and brown sugar; pour over mixture. Toss gently to coat. Serve on lettuce leaves and sprinkle nuts of your choice over.

 No Bake Pumpkin Pie

This recipe from is a seamless addition to a pumpkin fanatic’s repertoire.

 Pre-baked pie crust , 9 inches1 jar vanilla frosting (like cream cheese)1 cup low-fat sour cream1 cup canned pumpkin

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon allspice

3 cups of light Cool Whip or whipped cream

Directions: In a large bowl, mix the frosting, sour cream, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and the allspice together. Stir well. Fold in the cool whip. Chill for 4-6 hours or overnight.

 Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Got a case of the fall jitters and too antsy to wait for your hot beverage in those long Starbucks lines? Try out this beverage recipe from

6 ounces (3/4 of a cup) fresh apple cider

1  tablespoon dulce de leche or caramel sauce

Whipped cream

Directions: Heat apple cider in a saucepan or in the microwave just until steaming.  Stir in a generous tablespoon of dulce de leche or caramel sauce until it is completely melted.  Top the cider with whipped cream just before serving.