New Homecoming format earns student approval

October 11th, 2012

Several changes were made to Homecoming weekend this year; the two main differences were that parents’ weekend was combined with Homecoming weekend, and the Homecoming dance happened on Friday night instead of Saturday night. According to junior Patti Vera, a member of the SUPB Homecoming planning committee, “All of our expectations for the dance and the weekend were met, and a lot of people showed up to the events with only a few minor problems.”

Vera said the biggest problem was the buses to the Homecoming dance.

The buses were moving slowly and had to stop several times, and this delayed some students from getting to the dance on time.

“However, this is not really SUPB’s fault because the students riding the buses were the main reason the buses were moving so slowly,” she said.

She thought that having the dance on Friday was better because people had more time to enjoy the other Homecoming activities.

“I think the dance was better on Friday because even though people had classes and sporting events, they had more time to enjoy the other Homecoming weekend events like the game and the block party.”

Even with the slow buses, students still enjoyed the Homecoming dance. Junior Laura Burkhardt, who has attended the dance in the past, said that she enjoyed the dance and liked that it was at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

“I really liked the venue, even though the dance floor felt a little bit small,” said Burkhardt. She also agreed with Vera that the dance was better on Friday: “I liked that the dance was on Friday because I had more time to spend at the block party on Saturday,” she said.

However, some students did not like that Homecoming and parents weekend were combined into one weekend this year. Junior Kelly Nicole Carter, a general member of SUPB, said, “I didn’t like that parents weekend and Homecoming were combined. Since next weekend is Fall Break, I’ll see my parents then, and I wanted to spend Homecoming weekend with my friends. It was harder to do that since my parents were here.”

Burkhardt agreed with Carter. “I think parents’ weekend is better when it is not combined with Homecoming weekend, because a lot of people will see their parents next weekend and there weren’t as many events just for parents and families.”

Nevertheless, Carter enjoyed the weekend. She attended the Tim Meadows stand up show on Thursday and went to the Homecoming dance for her first time.

“I thought Tim Meadows was really funny, and the dance was really fun. I will definitely go to the dance again next year.”  The one aspect that disappointed her was the late night breakfast. Carter said, “The late night breakfast is usually my favorite part of Homecoming weekend, but I didn’t think it was as good as it was the past two years.”

Both Burkhardt and Carter agreed that despite the changes, the weekend was really fun and hope that next year will be just as good.