A suitor for a new suit

October 11th, 2012

What do James Bond and Barney Stinson have in common? First, they both have overzealous extracurricular activities; and second, it would surely be an apocalyptic sign if either were seen without a suit on. One might even suggest that the two are connected.

The modern suit that we all know well has been around for over two centuries, and for good reasons. It is an adaptable, multipurpose piece of clothing that is a must in every man’s wardrobe.

However, just as in all fashion, styles can be in one season and a faux pas the next. Do not fret men … has come up with a complete guide to buying suits that will help any man bring out his inner Bond or Barney.

When chosen wisely, the fit of a suit can make any man look ready to be on the glossy pages of GQ himself.

Whether you want to splurge and get a specially tailored suit or are ready to pick something off the rack, there are a few styles that you should be aware of.

Gone are the days when long suits are desirable; rather, short suits are the way to go now. A good rule of thumb is to measure the length between the cuff of the sleeve and the end of the jacket; according to GQ, that distance can be as short as an inch.

The vent, also known as slits, of the jacket is also another thing that can give a suit a range of looks. If you are going for a traditional look that is clean-cut and professional, go for a center vent. Or, if you are feeling adventurous and want a more modernized look, try for a side vent. The only major no-no is having no vent, as it gives the jacket no shape or style.

Other details to think about on a suit are the lapel, number of buttons and color.

The lapel is a must-have on every suit, but there are two different types to choose from. A notch lapel is the common choice and good for any type of business suit, while a peak lapel used to be an outdated look, but is now coming back into style.

When it comes to buttons, the number really matters when you are matching a certain style. For the professional look, go for the standard three-button jacket. If you are feeling stylish and current, try on a two-button. If you are really feeling adventurous and cutting-edge, the one-button suit is for you.

Do not be afraid to stray from the standard black color. Patterns, such as pinstripes and squares, are in right now, along with brown as a classy and fresh choice. If you want a suit to go out in and not feel like you are still stuck in the office, go for a double-breasted jacket to mix things up.

Lest we not forget, accessories can add the perfect flourish to any suit.

Ties are the most common choice to be seen around a guy’s neck; but this season, do not be afraid to try a preppy bow tie as a fun and fashionable alternative. But if that is not really your style, try a skinny tie. It is a sleek and professional look that also has an edge.

The fat ties are out, so leave them in the back of your closet, and try again next year.

These tips are good rules to follow when picking out a suit, but do not let it mandate every choice, because the suit should reflect your personal style.

Choose what looks best on you, and wear it with confidence; because there is nothing more attractive than a man in a nice suit.