JCTV-4 revives variety show to bolster participation

October 4th, 2012

The Klein Television Studio in the O’Malley Center will be a busy place at 7 p.m. on Thursday nights this semester. As part of JCTV-4’s new fall programming lineup, there will be an addition to the organizational structure of the JCU television club: a format news variety show.

Every week before taping, students review scripts, prepare cameras and microphones and prepare for the filming of the news variety show, “J-See-You on Campus.”

Working with this show will be a membership requirement for TV-4, and a prerequisite of students having their own show with the studio. Although the studio has been a part of JCU since 1971, TV-4 as an official JCU club is still very young.

Senior Brian Bayer, who also works as managing editor of The Carroll News, is the president of JCTV-4 this semester. He has worked with the studio since his freshman year in various roles, and hopes that the addition of a required flagship show will help new members of the club learn the ropes more effectively.

“Working with TV-4 has been one of the most exciting parts of my time at JCU,” said Bayer. “But I had to learn a lot of the aspects of television production on my own. I think requiring members to work with a format news variety show that is student-directed and produced will help them learn how to effectively produce their own show in future semesters.”

On Thursday, Sept. 27, close to 30 students gathered in the studio for the production of episode one of “J-See-You on Campus.”

Bayer prepared the members of TV-4 for their first “live on tape” broadcast. Filming “as live” means that even though they are not actually going straight to live television, they are going to tape the show as if they were so that everyone should try to do their section in one take.

The show consists of different segments, including sports news, entertainment news, world and campus news, a cooking show, a “hipster corner” and several other features.

As the production began, Bayer took his place as anchor, and the tech crew took their places directing from the control room. Junior Nick Sciarappa, diversions editor at The CN served as director, and called the episode, directing all of the behind-the-scenes action.

Everyone in the studio became quiet when the broadcast began. The production went smoothly, with only a few retakes due to technical difficulties, and the tech team worked together to direct the broadcast.

Senior Dan Cooney, editor in chief of The CN, prepared for his interview by combing his hair and successfully completing his “celebrity interview” in one take, just like a live television show.

Sophomore Dave Schillero was up next with his sports broadcast section. Before going on, he read over his copy on the teleprompter with the other sports anchors, Breanne Seibolt and Gabriella Kreuz, and prepared for the broadcast.

Schillero said that what he likes best about being on TV-4 is “being able to use my gifts of performance to enlighten the JCU community about important events on and off campus.”

Lisa Lewis, the media services advisor at JCU, thinks that doing the show “live on tape” can be very beneficial to students.

She said, “The primary reason that we [JCU] have a live TV show is so that students can gain valuable experience in the production of a show.”

This experience in production is very useful for many students because, as Lewis said, “Many students go on to a career in news and sports [broadcasting], and this experience is easily translated into a career.”

Lewis stated that another benefit of TV-4 is that students basically create their own television show outside of class.

“Students get to create a show from concept to final editing, which they can’t do in class until the end of the semester,” she said. This is beneficial for students in communication classes because they already have experience creating and producing a television show.

However, “J-See-You on Campus” certainly isn’t the first show the studio has produced since it became a part of campus in 1971.

Lewis said, “Over the years, there have been many different television shows, like game shows, cooking shows and Hollywood gossip shows, just to name a few.”

The type of shows produced each semester is different, according to Lewis.

“Every semester is different based on student involvement,” she said.

Sophomore Adam Tome, a business major and communications minor, agreed with Lewis.

He said, “It really adds to your studies as an extracurricular activity, especially as a communications minor.”

He also thinks that this experience with broadcasting could benefit him in the future.

“I’m looking into doing something with advertising management, and having first-hand experience with live TV can be extremely beneficial,” he said.

In addition to “J-See-You on Campus,” JCTV is proud to bring back Ashley Bastock’s “Sports Roulette” for its second semester on TV-4. This show focuses exclusively on sports news and is an excellent example of student-produced programming, according to Bayer.

“Ultimately, we want everyone to be able to produce a show as well put together as ‘Sports Roulette,’” he said. “Ashley and her crew have set a great example of what students should be shooting for after working with ‘J-See-You on Campus.’”

Students interested in getting involved with TV-4 should contact for more information.