The Rose Family

September 27th, 2012

To the Arrupe Scholars, JCU Campus Ministry and the JCU Community,

On behalf of our family, I want to thank you for being there for us this week as we dealt with the reality of Danielle’s death. Our family could clearly see the Spirit of Jesus in Danielle, and we see that same Spirit in all of you. Last weekend, when our hearts were in pieces, at Sunday’s Mass in the chapel, you helped us take the first step towards healing. At Holy Angels Church on Monday and Tuesday, you helped us take a couple of more steps. You were there. A family united, honoring Dani’s life and providing comfort for us. I could tell that you all already knew that Dani was with the Lord, and that she would always be with us and in us, serving and lifting people up. You wanted to help us realize that, and to understand that all would be well. We saw goodness in people like never before, and particularly an abundance of goodness in young people that reaffirms our faith and gives us hope.

We always knew how much Danielle loved spending time and working on service projects with the Arrupe Group, but when we asked her for details, she was usually pretty quiet about it. For Dani, humility is a very important part of true service. I think she felt like if she talked about how she had served on any given project, it somehow diminished it. Service for her is pure and personal. She knew that talk is just talk, and it is what you do that counts. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of “Dani in action” and how she touched the lives of the kids in Ecuador. Thank you for sharing your feelings about Dani and how she impacted your lives. Thank you for sharing our sorrow and knowing that we needed your strength and love to lift us up. Thank you for singing, and praying and serving.

Dani loved being part of the JCU family because it is rooted in being “men and women for others,” and she understood so clearly and so simply what that meant. This past week, you were all men and women for our family. We needed you, and you were there; you lifted us up. We are forever grateful to all of you for opening your hearts and pulling us in, and for joining us in knowing that Danielle’s life inspired, and will continue to inspire us to learn, love, give and live for the greater glory of God.

Thank you and God bless you,

The Rose Family