The old switch-a-roo

September 27th, 2012

The JCU Homecoming dance is traditionally on Saturday evening; but this year, the day of the dance has been changed to Friday.

As Homecoming weekend and Parents Weekend overlap this year, the University-wide Homecoming planning committee decided to move the day of the dance because of the numerous events that will be going on on campus that weekend.

Moving the dance to Friday utilizes all available free time during that weekend. Separating the “block party” and dance will make students less likely to choose to attend one or the other. The “Footprints for Fatima” 5k run attendance could suffer, however, as an early morning run is not the choice of most after a late night of dancing.

Homecoming is centralized around the Homecoming football game. It is a shame that many athletes, including the football team, will be unlikely to attend the dance.

In the future, more collaboration should take place so that all events can be attended by everyone who wishes to attend.