John Carroll’s own performing at Carroll Fest

September 6th, 2012

While most of the bands and other acts performing at the first annual Carroll Fest have been on the radar for some time now, there is one particular group that deserves some more recognition – We Don’t Do Math.

But who exactly is We Don’t Do Math? The Carroll News was able to talk with JCU seniors Andrew Billiter and Jeff Sigmund, the duo that makes up this new musical act. We Don’t Do Math is set to perform in the Intramural Gym from 10 p.m. until midnight, on Saturday, April 28. The concert is free and bound to be phenomenal – so leave those calculators behind and get ready to dance and party the night away with “We Don’t Do Math.”


The Carroll News: What’s the story behind We Don’t Do Math? Where did the name come from?

Jeff Sigmund: I was doing some deejaying on my own and knew that Andrew was looking to get into it, so we figured we would work together.

Andrew Billiter: I was wearing a shirt that says “We Don’t Do Math” on the back, and my roommate at the time, Patrick Tarkey, said that it would be a cool name for us. We felt it fit our current music style well because nothing we do adds up.


CN: How would you describe your group’s music style?

AB/JS: We are currently remix/ mash-up artists within the arena of electronic dance music. In time, we’re looking to expand our sound and find what makes We Don’t Do Math different.


CN: Have you ever performed in a band or other musical act before?

JS: I started playing drums mainly in jazz bands and a rock band for a 3-year period.

AB: I played the didgeridoo [a wind instrument] in a Nickelback cover band.


CN: What can JCU students and others expect from your performance?

AB/JS: Expect to hear some songs that you have never heard before and songs you know, but in a new way. Concertgoers should expect to see some things they’ve never seen before at John Carroll. And they should also expect to participate in them.


CN: Are you working on any other projects or music?

AB/JS: Yes, we’re always working on new projects. It’s really a process of evolution, one projects leads to another, which leads to another.


CN: How long does it take to put together songs?

AB/JS: Anywhere from three hours to three weeks. We don’t like to rush anything – we step away from some projects and come back to them when the time feels right.


CN: What do you want people to take away from or experience with your performance and music?

AB/JS: We want to take people on a musical and emotional journey that everyone is going to experience together for one night and one night only on our campus. We want people to leave not wanting to do math but wanting to hear our music again. We just want people to have fun.


Friday evening at 5 p.m., the first performers kick off Carroll Fest on the LSC Atrium steps until 9 p.m. They are as follows: The Alibi, The Beauregards, Unknown For Now and Charlie Mosbrook.  Friday night Bedroc and Fat Chris perform in the Intramural Gym from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Saturday evening from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Humble Home, Sam Brenner, Summerays, Three Times Seven, The Dudes, Alan Brooks and Andrew Yadon will be performing on the steps of the LSC Atrium as well. Saturday night from 10 p.m. to midnight, We Don’t Do Math will be playing while a dayglow party will take place.