‘Fall’ into fashion this season

September 6th, 2012

From the colors and the layers, to the mixers and the matchers, to the warmth of the jackets in the chill of the September air, fall fashion is coming around again. Whatever your style, start prepping your fall fashion sense, and pack away your flip flops and swimsuits, because autumn wear is back again.

Certain items are necessary for fall style. There are the obvious essentials to autumn’s look, such as closed-toed shoes, thick layers and denim. A very important part of fashion is having your own personal flare. Also, the trick to moving fashion forward is to put a twist on the classic essentials. The rustic, hipster look exemplifies a “be-your-own-you” mentality. It has been all the rage this year, and the trendy, yet casual, classy yet comfortable look is perfect for fall and heading back to school.

Denim is a given in every season; all that varies are size, design and color. Conveniently, some seasonal styles roll over. Bright colors are no longer just for the summer. Add a little pop with some neon colored jeans.

Another trend coming around is destructed jeans. More denim options include exciting prints, from florals to plaids to animal. They pair well with solid colors and are “a fantastic way to incorporate some pattern into your look,” according to Check out coated jeans, which have a waxy, leather-like texture and give any closet an edgy look.

Finally, acid wash jeans are making yet another comeback. They’re casual and pair comfortably with a slouchy sweater or vintage T-shirt. offers more jeans suggestions to accommodate any mood.

Another trend that is making an appearance this season is color blocking. Magazines such as the August 2012 editions of Allure and InStyle both suggest that pairing neutral colored tones with bright pops of neon is perhaps the classiest way to attract attention to yourself and your fashion sense. The best way to achieve this look is to start with neutral, earthy tones; for example, a white blouse with a cream or navy blazer.

Next, choose an eye-catching pair of brightly-colored shorts or jeans. According to, a website designed to promote the latest fashion trends for college students, orange has been voted this upcoming fall’s “it” color, especially when dealing with colored denim. Burnt orange will really bring an autumn vibe to any outfit, and pairing it with the navy blazer previously mentioned provides a chic contrast.

To finish the look and pull it all together, throw on some bright, chunky jewelry and wedges and voila; you’re ready to turn some heads on your way to class. For extra boldness, give yourself a bright red lip and some bright, shimmery eyeshadow to really capture the runway look. The best part about color blocking is that there are countless options for you to add your own individuality, and it never goes out of style.

A final trend that you can try this fall is the Panama hat. Very similar to a fedora, the Panama hat is a bit rounder and taller, and is described by as a “new classic.” You can rock this hat on almost any occasion: in the classroom, on a romantic date, to girls’ night out or even just on your weekly errand run. No matter what you pair it with, you can always count on ending up with a cute, polished look.

The important thing to remember about fall fashion this year is to bring out your own sense of style with each trend.

The sole purpose of fashion is to present yourself in a unique way that displays your creativity and confidence. So, keep in mind while you’re trying on those exotic animal print jeans and bright blazers that expressing your own style truly is the best way to impress.