Fashion favorites for the beach

July 15th, 2012

With just a short week until the end of the school year to go, it’s time to start packing up the rain boots and North Faces and pulling out the flip flops and beachwear. Whether you’re jetting away to a beach in Hawaii, driving up to the Cleveland shore or just lounging by your community pool, get the scoop on the hottest beach trends of the summer.  Just because you get to forfeit a few layers of clothing, doesn’t mean you get to forfeit your style.

First step: the bathing suit. Vintage bathing suits are back in a whole new way. Not that you want to look like a ‘50s pin-up girl, but throwback suits are modernized this season to look current, yet still seriously high fashion.  This new trend is available in many different styles – a high waist here, a vintage print there – and have been seen on the likes of a slew of celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Ruffles are in this season as well, whether there’s a slight ruffle on your triangle top, or a ruffled skirt around your bikini bottom.  This super-feminine look is easy to find, as it can be found on any type of bathing suit this year.

Not feeling the two-piece this season? Have no fear. Seen on celebrities such as Rihanna and Diane Kruger, the one-piece is making a hotter-than-ever comeback. Though there are many types of one-pieces out there, such as the “monokini” which is a one-piece with heavy cut-outs, the trend that is sure to take the stage within the next few years is just a printed version of the plain-but-still-sexy one-piece, a la “Baywatch.” Thanks to Pamela Anderson and the ever-famous Farrah Fawcett poster for that one.

Another trend you’re going to see this season is color, color and more color. With an elaborate rainbow of nearly every shade out there, basic bikinis have really upped the ante this year. Shield your eyes, because with neon in the mix this year, you’re bound to find hues that are brighter than the sun that will perfect your darkest tan. Which transitions to the next step: sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a true summer staple. Whether you’re sporting them at the beach, or just on any regular summer day, one can never have too many pairs of shades. Luckily, there are a number of trends to choose from this year. Glasses with a more beige-coffee colored frame are back for a more “boho” look, straight from the ‘70s. Pastel and neon frames are here to add to the dominance of colored everything this season, and gray frames are also here to add some subtlety to an already-too-colorful look. The newest trend is the cat eye frame.  Nothing looks more stylish than this old Hollywood look.

Three trends that are always in style? Wayfarers, oversized shades, and aviators.

Between suits and shades, you’ve got what you need to look hot this summer.

Now, go give the “summer heat” a new meaning.