‘C-Fest’ takes campus by storm

July 15th, 2012

As students prepared for a weekend packed full of great music, the first-ever Carroll Fest came to campus.
The festivities kicked off on Friday evening around 5 p.m., with Charlie Mosbrook, followed by several other bands, including Unknown for Now, The Beauregards and The Alibi.
Junior Evan Bellan, the drummer for The Beauregards, was thrilled to perform in front of the JCU community at Carroll Fest.
“I love playing music for people, and it was a special treat to play for my good friends at Carroll,” he said. “[They] are extremely supportive of my music, and it was so cool to have them all there for the show.”
Friday night concluded with performances by the Schott Dining Hall’s very own “Fat Chris,” and the up-and-coming rap duo BEDROC.
Through the night and into Saturday morning, rain fell over University Heights, forcing Saturday’s shows indoors for the day. That didn’t put a damper on the shows though, as Alan Brooks got the day started around 3 p.m. The rest of the afternoon saw a coalition of artists and bands, including Andrew Yadon, 3×7, The Dudes, Summerays, Sam Brenner and Humble Home. We Don’t Do Math ended the night in an entertaining fashion and put the first-ever Carroll Fest to rest.
“In my opinion and from the information I had from last year and [comments I] had heard, I feel that the new twist we made to [the] Spring Concert overall has been for the better. The name change from Spring Concert to Carroll Fest is just the beginning of such a different experience we have brought to Carroll,” said Cassie Pacer, SUPB’s major events coordinator.
Despite some skepticism around campus earlier in the year about not getting a big-name artist to perform, the event turned out to be a success overall, according to Pacer.
“Comparing the attendance to last year’s, we exceeded by tripling or even quadrupling the total amount of students throughout the whole weekend. I hope for Carroll Fest to become one of the few traditions we can establish on Carroll’s campus so that students, faculty and the public are all welcome to come join together to a weekend of pure live music, free food and a great time,” Pacer said.
Bellan also enjoyed the new format. “I love supporting local music and up-and-coming artists, so it was a treat to be able to do that with this year’s Spring Concert,” he said. “However, I think it would be great if we could have local artists throughout the day, then finish each day with one well-known artist that could draw more students to the Fest.”
“With the positive response to the concert’s new format, SUPB looks to stick with it for next year. Still, some improvements and adjustments can be made to make the event a bigger success next year for students,” Pacer said.
“The one thing that I would improve for next year would be the timing of the event,” said Pacer. “Since we originally intended the event to be outside all weekend, the choice of weekend to suit the weather and other school activities came into play. Dedicating the Carroll Fest as the main event for a weekend in April is our goal for next year so that all students can attend.”