Go phish

May 3rd, 2012

One week ago, a phishing attempt was reported to the John Carroll ITS Department. The scammers were attempting to get personal information from students via email. Unfortunately, two students responded to the email.

The email sent used the JCU logo and appeared to be an official email from the University.

Information Technology Services sent out several cautionary emails warning the campus about the scamming attempts.

To avoid the trouble brought about by submitting personal information to these phishing attempts, students should be sure to read all emails from ITS.

To prevent further attempts to hack into the campus network, all professors have been switched to the Gmail system which is more secure. ITS should continue to improve the security of the network. The likelihood that these sort of attempts would happen at all would decrease, which would also decrease the possibility that students could fall victim to the deceptiveness of the scamming emails. In addition to these emails, paper warnings should also be sent out as these could not be confused for another phishing attempt.

In the future, incoming JCU students should be educated about previous scam attempts and taught how to identify them.