Entrepreneurs d’jour

May 3rd, 2012

Only three years after its creation, John Carroll University’s entrepreneurship minor program has been named the best undergraduate program of its kind in Northeast Ohio and 43rd best nationwide by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The students who graduate from this program have gone on to do great things and it’s wonderful that John Carroll has such an awesome program.

The program is great because it encourages more student creativity, and forms leaders for tomorrow. The independent development of new ideas provides them with the skill necessary to find new ways to help improve the world around them.

The University should consider incorporating some of the tactics used in entrepreneurship to other academic programs. The value of the skills taught are not exclusive to business pursuits.

Since the program is fairly new to campus, a lot of students do not know about it. The program should find ways to involve the entire campus community in the work being done by students with the minor. The collective effort of the University can help promote the success of current students and alumni.